TEACHING - One-one tuition - Support for Scholarships and GCSE's



Acrylic Painting, Jazmine, Year 8
(scholarship gained for Dunnotar, aged 11)



Claire has over 15 years experience teaching both adults and children. During that time Claire has helped many students attain high grades in their GCSE and gaining art scholarships to their chosen schools. Claire has a passive and encouraging teaching style that allows her students to develop their own style of work and creativity enabling them to both attain the grades and strengthen their confidence so that they can be independent in their creativity.

Claire bases a lot of the syllabus on the Masters showing students how to use their techniques within their own work looking at different styles from impressionism to abstract and different mediums from watercolour, ink to acrylic. Claire helps each student attain their potential by guiding them through the scholarship process and the attainment levels for each GCSE examining board.

Claire is keen that students pick the topics of each session so that they are fully engaged and inspired by what they are working on.

For more information about these sessions please contact me on art@claire-harrison.co.uk


Annabelle, Scholarship attained to Lingfield aged 11




" Claire Harrison has been tutoring my daughter, Annabelle,  for the last year and half with fortnightly sessions in order to channel her artistic strength in a manner that she could apply for an Art scholarship in January 2016 to three local independent schools. As a result of Claire's enthusiasm, skill, focus , direction and mentoring Annabelle was well placed to apply for this scholarship where she was shortlisted for all three schools and won an Art scholarship to attend one of them.

I would like to thank Claire for all her guidance in this and would be delighted to recommend her to any parent who is similarly in such a position. Under Claire's vigil, Annabelle, now 11,  has flourished and is now proud to be and say that she is an Art Scholar . Thank you Claire".

From Danielle based near Reigate in Surrey