This is inspired by branches, many branches during Autumn and Winter fracture the sky behind them. I wanted the viewer to purely focus on the tangled branch like forms so I have blanked out the area around the shapes in a textured off-white.


Oil on Board, 28x28cms

abstract natural forms oil painting  



The more I look at the natural world on all scales including through a microscope I am overwhelmed with the detail and shapes. A tiny insect leg and a tiny flower stem no larger than a blade of grass have fine hairs on them. This was inspired by all the shapes and details that we do not see with our naked eye.


Natural Forms #2
Oil on Board, 60x60cms
natural forms abstract oil painting    

This is a purely abstract painting that was inspired by the Georgia O'Keefe exhibition. I rarely sit down and paint without a form in mind, that I have already studied in my sketchbook. This painting came completely from within and responding to the shapes the brushstrokes as I added colour to the board.



Natural Forms
Oil on Board, 50x50cms

Consequences on the right is of a fluttering butterfly, this was inspired by my photo below, that was taken at Wisley, when they filled their glasshouses earlier in the year with butterflies. The title is referring to the idea that we are unable to determine the cause of a butterfly flapping it's wings in a forest, the famous metaphor for chaos theory, although I use it to some extent in a frivolous way, it does have very valid overtones to the nature that surrounds us. Nature is ordered, butterflies themselves, have scales across the surface of their wings that are ordered and grown in a geometric pattern, but these are hidden from us, all we perceive is the chaotic fluttering, as they flit from one flower to the next. Chaos of course is not chaotic, it is the mathematical investigation and discovery into the idea that nature is ordered and logical and even what we consider as random acts (chaos) can be mathematically predicted.