I am passionate about the natural world from the smallest insect to a tree. I am based in Sussex and take much of my Inspiration from my garden and surrounding countryside. I moved to the Horsham area in West Sussex in the Autumn of 2009, and spent most of my time designing my perennial bed based upon a Gertrude Jekyll idea of flowing colours from hot to cool. This is interspersed with an archway leading through to my "secret" garden (which isn't all that secret yet as the plants are still to grow!) I was lucky enough to have an uncultivated garden when I moved in so have done everything from scratch - or perhaps not so lucky as it meant a LOT of digging and importing soil for the vegetable patch as we are on Weald clay just north of the South Downs.

I am attempting to establish a wild garden in the secret garden, and try not to mow the lawn too much so the clover, daisies and buttercups can grow. As you will see below, I draw from life, the Ox-eye daisies and buttercups that are around me. As I am such a keen gardener I like to visit gardens as part of the NGS scheme and a few horticulture foreigners creep into my work such as the peony etc! I also draw a lot of orchids as I collect a variety and my house is full of varying types. All this appears in my sketchbook, and there is a selected snapshot below which I will build upon over time like my blog.

As I work a lot with a microscope from the various bugs, plants and seed heads I find, hopefully my sketchbook page will show you the hidden world that is right on your doorstep, which is what all my paintings are eluding to. However I generally paint from memory, as all my observational work is done in my sketchbook and this research is often submitted to memory before my paintings are created. I hope you enjoy this new page...

[Buttercups shown below]

June 2012

buttercup turquoise coloured pencil

blue tit blue tit robin  
Bird Studies  
bumble bee bumble bee  
Bumble Bee Studies  
orchids pen and ink  
Study of orchids  
Study of orchid and rose    
Dahlias Dahlia  
Peony Peony  
hogweed cow parsley watercolour    
hogweed dragonfly watercolour peony pen and ink peony pen and ink
Hogweed Peony Peony
fly on dandelion head pen and inkpeony ink drawing coloured  peony pastel pen and ink iris
Peony, Fly on Dead Dandelion Peony Iris
corncockle flower pen and inkcorncockle pen and ink corncockle pen and ink flower helenium flower pen and ink
Corncockle Corncockle Helenium

purple daisy coloured pencil flower

back of daisy pen and ink flower

daisy pen and ink flower coloured pencil
Ox-Eye Daisy exploring a bugs eye-view. Ox-eye Daisy - exploration of colour Back of an Ox-eye Daisy Exploration of Colour
Back/Underside of a Peony , Allium, pen and ink study
Calendula, Charcoal
Pen and Ink study of Orchid
rose bud pen and ink flowergeranium cranes bill geranium
Pen and Ink study of a rose half-opening, Geranium, pencil Geranium, pencil Geranium, pencil
borageborage orchid iris
Borage (back), Watercolour, Borage, watercolour Orchid, Watercolour Centre of an Iris, watercolour
fly daisy scabious scabious pen and ink flower
Fly, watercolour, Field of daisies with ladybird centres microscopic image of a scabious Pen and Ink study of a scabious
yelo=lowstone yellowstone  
Bacterial pool at yellowstone, watercolour , Baterial pool at yellowstone, watercolour